Interplanetary Cookbook

Vol I

1001 Sourdough rocket
1002 Gravity proof
1003 Solar cooking  
1004 Fermentation station
1005 Space umami

1006 Hot sauce
1007 Elderflower jelly
1008 Pale blue dot

1009 Martian ceramics

1010 Capillary cup

1011 Baking trays
1012 Flavour fork
1013 Zero g spoon
1014 Wearable restaurant 

Vol II coming soon! 


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Written & Edited by Maggie Coblentz.

Vol I Artwork by Yilan Gao.

The Interplanetary Cookbook is supported by the MIT Space Exploration Initiative. 

Copyright Maggie Coblentz. Copyright on public contributions remains with the original creator.


Flavour fork

Location: International Space Station
Date: 2019
Designers: Nuvu Innovation School students
Dining in space, and particularly a microgravity environment, puts forth many challenges while eating a meal. Astronauts’ senses of smell, taste, and texture are all decreased due to decreased gravity. Their mealtime experiences are far different in comparison to those on Earth. Yet, they still use Earth-based utensils.

The Flavour fork is built for astronauts. It is is an innovative tool used to enhance the flavour of food in microgravity. Instead of completely re-designing the fork, it is an improvement to the straightforward design and practicality. The fork utilizes a pump-based system controlled by notched scroll wheel to tailor the intense flavour to the consumer. By adding a user-friendly mechanism, the fork seamlessly allows for any food’s flavour to be magnified, augmented, or enriched. The flavours are interchangeable, coming in small capsules of intense flavors made to accent the meals on the ISS. It is built to fill in the gaps of flavour presented by space travel and allows for the most fulfilling sensory experience possible. The fork is a simple and crucial tool for daily dining in space.