Interplanetary Cookbook

Vol I

1001 Sourdough rocket
1002 Gravity proof
1003 Solar cooking  
1004 Fermentation station
1005 Space umami

1006 Hot sauce
1007 Elderflower jelly
1008 Pale blue dot

1009 Martian ceramics

1010 Capillary cup

1011 Baking trays
1012 Flavour fork
1013 Zero g spoon
1014 Wearable restaurant 

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Written & Edited by Maggie Coblentz.

Vol I Artwork by Yilan Gao.

The Interplanetary Cookbook is supported by the MIT Space Exploration Initiative. 

Copyright Maggie Coblentz. Copyright on public contributions remains with the original creator.


Elderflower jelly 

Contributor: Bompas & Parr
Astronomers scanning our galaxy with powerful radio waves have discovered vast clouds of interstellar alcohol. Ethanol, methanol and vinyl ethanol have been found in the Milky Way in formations such as Sagittarius B2N and W3(OH) measuring billions of kilometres across. Frustratingly for astronauts, space travel is a teetotal business much of the time, and it's going to be tough to get close to these vast clouds of booze as the nearest is 26,000 light years away.

5 leaves or 5tsp gelatine
100ml Tanqueray gin
75ml elderflower cordial
75ml violet liqueur
250ml Champagne
juice of half a lemon
food dye of your choice

Before blasting off mix all the liquid in a large mixing jug. Cut the leaf gelatine into a heatproof bowl with a pair of scissors. Add enough mixture cover (about 100ml). Leave the gelatine to soften for five minutes.

Two. Bring a pan of water to the boil and place the bowl of softened gelatine on top of the pan of boiling water. Once the gelatine has totally melted, add another 100ml of the mixture.

Three. Combine the melted gelatine mix with the rest of the liquid by pouring it through a sieve to remove any un-melted lumps, and into the mixing jug.

Four. Add food colouring til desired hue is achieved, and pour the mixture into your mould. Leave in the fridge until set. Wrap the jelly for space travel.

Five. Release the jelly from the mould by blasting it with hot air from a hair dryer--the traditional method of submerging in hot water could be disastrous in zero  gravity. Marvel at the hypnotic wobble in a weightless environment.